The three BREXIT B’s. Breezers, Brooches and Bulldogs

Dearly Beloved Sheeple

I can’t help noticing that the news these days is dominated by BREXIT. The latest items that have struck my jaundiced eye and which have become internet memes are: breezers, brooches and bulldog (clips).


A Big Breezer

These are huge chest freezers that have been bought, installed and stocked up with avocados, stuffed olives, sourdough bread (£4.50 a loaf), anchovies, lamb shanks (arghhh!!), premium chocolate icecream and smoothies by worried people panic buying frozen food in the event of a no-deal BREXIT.

ed. er…guilty!


The elegant spider brooch worn by Lady Hale of the UK Supreme Court sends a similar message to those worn by the Queen during the recent visit of US President Trump. The message is…? (Put your contribution in the comments below).

Bulldog (clips)

Uber Brainiac Mars Attacks Cummings (“AK..AK..AK”) has been photographed wearing a bulldog clip attached to his clothing. This has driven the Internet viral! (I am wearing one now! – it is holding me together).

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