FluBola. The Cummings Apocalypse

Dearly Beloved Sheeple

You’re all f*cked! This is not an amusing post.

I’ve been reading Dominic Cummings’ blog and I am the proud recipient of his newsletter. Yes, he’s the chap that is now an uberspecial advisor to the new PM Boris Johnson. He of the T-shirt and the BREXIT slogan ‘take back control‘. Brilliant. The Mr.Brainiac of the Brexitory party.

Reading his super intelligent stuff, I now realise the secret reason WHY he is so keen that we should BREXIT and take back control of our borders.

Is it because of fear and terror of weaponised virus pandemics about which the erudite Mr.Cummings has written extensively and scarily?

The scariest of all is FluBola. What is FluBola? It sounds pretty ominous doesn’t it. That’s because it really is. It is a bioweapon constructed by genetically engineering influenza, an airborne virus, with ebola a virus which causes a horrible haemorrhagic fever originating in and found plaguing the Congo (DRC). Ebola is rampant once more in some West African areas and, of course, flu is everywhere. The key to the military efficacy and deadliness of FluBola is the airborne vector provided by the flu combo. If it ever escapes, or released by the military from the biohazard laboratories where it is being made, the security of which Cummings is very very concerned (rightly), then the human race, even if you voted leave in the referendum, is pretty much… f*cked.

Other weaponised pandemical agents that are postulated are ZikaBola and LymeBola using insect vectors such as mosquitoes and ticks respectively. The military have also been looking into using and propagating Asian giant hornet swarms such as those that have depopulated rural Chinese towns and villages.

So back to why BREXIT is all about borders. The UK is an island and implementation of any kind of proper biosecurity is only remotely possible where there is a (bigly) sea between the UK and the EU (des autres). The very difficult eradication and control of rabies in the UK is a case in point.  Mad cow disease, pig swine fever and foot and mouth pandemics could destroy the agriculture economy just as it has in the past.

The last thing anyone wants in a human or cattle pandemic is ‘freedom of movement‘. Control of borders is, and should be, a Red Line. BREXIT is not about politics or racism, it could be about survival. Mr. Cummings would probably agree!

Don’t say you haven’t been warned! Having written all that I have scared myself shitless. I need a stiff drink.

Sweet dreams, sheeple.

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