Covid-19: The Practice Run

Dearly Beloved Sheeple

They don’t make facemasks for cattle so I have ‘self-isolated‘ myself in this remote barn in rural Wales. I communicate with my flock using videoconferencing and blogging on the EYE. I still have memories of the 2001 foot and mouth pandemic (not sure how I survived that one!). Humans are so lucky, in a pandemic they don’t all get killed en masse and burned in large smouldering heaps like us poor creatures (yes, yes, there have been Holocausts, I know). God’s creatures too, you know.

So, on to the ‘conspiracy‘. Yes, there is always a conspiracy online and there is always a matching  curse or Revelation to be found in the Bible. In the particular ‘conspiracy’ now going the twitterrounds of the US alt-right wingnuts and preppers, covid-19 is just the prequel or practice run before the BIG ONE! And what would be the BIG ONE? You might well ask.

Hats off to Dominic

I have already speculated that ‘AK AK AK’ Dominic Cummings, the UK Prime Minister’s uberadvisor, understood the blackswan potential of pandemics, knew and wrote about what was coming. BREXIT appeared to partly be his solution for dealing with it. So what is he whispering into Boris’ ear now? Something like ‘Ha! I told you so...’? No doubt we will see in the coming days the result of any further ‘advice’ or ‘Final Solution’ from Mr.Cummings in UK government actions and policies on ‘pandemics’. A wall along Offa’s Dyke? Health checking booths on the Severn Bridge?

In the popular Hollywood movies or Dan Brown/Michael Crichton novels on the topic of viruses killing off mankind there is always a race to find a cure or to stop the release of the deadly germs (how quaint!) into the environment. Unfortunately, as covid-19 is already showing, it doesn’t work like in the books or movies. No sexy scientist or Bond type hero will be coming to the rescue. There will be no instant cure or vaccine. We can’t even cure the common cold!

Analysis of the genetic code (human genome) apparantly tells us that most modern Europeans are descended from a family in a small village in the high mountains of Tyrol (that’s in Austria, dummy) where a family had survived the Black Death (Yersinia pestis from rats and fleas the cause of the Black Death is a gm-negative bacteria not a virus [ed.]) due to a small resistance gene mutation in their DNA (the CCR5-Ä32 mutation) -or so the legend goes! It’s very probably wrong. Adolf Hitler (who was from that same area, probably would have claimed that true Aryans were descended from that very same immune family thus proving the genetic superiority of the master race!). If you didn’t have that mutation you and yours and an estimated half of the Northern European population died horribly. So what I am saying is that whatever you do you’re probably going to be doomed …unless. Unless you can be infected by the pathogen and survive it to become immune.

So what are they saying then? Is covid-19 a practice run to see how the world reacts and responds? Has covid-19 been released to destroy the Chinese economy (and lots of Chinese)? Is covid-19 designed to kill off the old (over 60s) to reduce the pension liability of the economy? Is covid-19 just the prequel, the precursor, to a more potent, more deadly, more virulent, genetically engineered, wind vectored covid-20? Is covid-20 the BIG ONE? Will it be a virus or a bacterium like Y. pestis?

The Black Death agent Y. pestis already has a long history as a biowarfare agent. In 1347, the Tartars catapulted plague-ridden corpses into the besieged city of Kaffa, causing residents to flee and spread the Black Death to Italy. During World War II, the Japanese initiated local outbreaks of bubonic plague in Chinese cities by dropping ceramic bomblets containing Y. pestis-infected fleas. During the Cold War, both American and Soviet scientists devised means to effectively aerosolize Y. pestis, thereby removing the need for the flea vector.

What you can be certain of is that blame has already been laid at the door of Obama anti-Christ and the ‘libtards‘ for causing this one and any subsequent BIG ONE (if there are any of us left!).

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