What else should we be worried about?

Dearly beloved Sheeple

My sermon today is about threats. Yes, threats to our existance or to use the latest buzz phrase ‘existential threats‘.

Anyone who thinks the coronavirus pandemic came as a complete surprise to the UK should read theĀ National Risk Register. This little-known Cabinet Office document is a catalogue of everyone’s worst nightmares including us cattle. No wonder then that, after reading this, UberAdviser Dominic Cummings did a runner to Durham with his family back in March. He must have thought the foretold predicted apocalypse had come!

Having survived the foot’n mouth putsch some years earlier then I can understand and sympathise with his panic. I too wouldn’t want my lamb and sick ewe stuck in London when the marauding zombies flood the streets baying for blood and vaccines.

I have covered the COVID pandemic in several of my previous sermons so don’t really want to go on about it. But I do want to exhort you, my dear flock, locked down in your pens as you are, to remember that we will get through this! (or some of us will). The National Veterinary Service will not be overstretched.

There are plenty of dogs.

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