Predictions 2019 part two – the world

Here our columnist Bellwether continues his exploration of what we should expect in 2019 and beyond. 

George Carlin, the late much-missed American comedian/philosopher, sets the scene for us in 2019.

“We are all doomed! War is coming. It is the End of Days – the last Trump!“.

The favourite call by the #doom merchants, #wingnuts and #Cassandras amongst us – on the streets, in the churches is ‘Repent, ye! This is the time of #Tribulation as foretold in the Bible’s Book of Revelations’.

Hmm… I am beginning to think along these lines myself. The signs are all there and they are not good. The Bellwether’s bell is ringing and driving me mad.

Trumpocalypse and War

Well, I suppose I have to start with Trump. The ‘Russiagate’ investigations by Special Prosecutor Mueller will soon come to a head and the Democrats take over the US House of Congress this month. This will put enormous pressure on the US President whose only recourse to avoid impeachment or indictment will be to start a war.

Preparations for a war with Iran, proxied by Israel and Saudi Arabia, are already well advanced. Troops are being pulled out of Syria and Afghanistan and run down in Iraq. Why?  Having real live American soldiers killed would not be at all popular in the US. The US prefers to fight a war remotely using drones, satellites and robots and, of course, missiles.

Will the Iran war then go nuclear? Well maybe.

Other signs are that the billionaire oligarch class (American, Russian) are busy buying up land in New Zealand, and remote Pacific Islands and building luxury boutique nuclear bunkers. They are the new ‘#preppers’.


  • The Straits of Hormuz will be closed off/blocked.
  • Russia will complete and consolidate its invasion of Ukraine.
  • The US fleet will be sent to support Gulf states.
  • China will send its military to occupy more small Pacific and South China Sea islands. Taiwan invasion.
  • North Korea will test more nuclear weapons.


All the auguries point toward another imminent economic crash and consequent recession/depression.


  • The price of oil and gold will soar.
  • Petrol will be rationed.
  • Food will be rationed.

Climate Change

Nothing ‘practical’ can be done now to halt global warming and its consequences no matter how many conferences or summits are held. We are way past the ‘tipping point’. Of course, a nuclear war would cause a ‘nuclear winter‘ and if there is a huge volcanic eruption this could cause a cooling.

El Niño is set to be particularly widespread in 2019 causing major problems to Columbia and worldwide ocean currents.


  • More and fiercer hurricanes/typhoons will occur.
  • Extended drought will take place in Africa.
  • Melting of large areas of Antartica will be observed.


Some evil bastards, somewhere, are experimenting with genetically combining the Ebola virus with an airborne vector such as influenza or the ‘common cold’. Remember the 1918 ‘Spanish Flu‘ folks? It killed more people than the first world war.


  • Access to Porton Down and Salisbury Plain will be prohibited.
  • Some isolated Scottish islands will be turned into virus laboratories.
  • Mysterious ‘dead zones’ will emerge in Congo and Siberia.


We are all doomed!

Hopefully, I will be in a better mood in the New Year! If anyone can think of ANY reason to be cheerful let us know in the comments.

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!

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