BREXIT-the red or the blue pill?

As the ‘bellwether’ of a small flock of sheeple, I have come to a fork in the road on the issue of leaving the EU. One way points to BREXIT (and its convoluted variants) and the other REMAIN. Forget all the blarney about ‘deals’; make no bones about it, there are only two choices, stay or go (the well ‘ARD way).

So which way do I go?

Maybe I should contemplate the age-old ‘fork in the road‘ puzzle to help my decision on which way to go. Which way to lead my small flock (am not going to ask them as, after all, they are just sheeple)? Cliff edge or unwanted status quo (Blackswanistan)? Neither option is at all desirable but that is what we are facing in the next few weeks. The only two choices.

A bellwether leads his sheep to an island inhabited by two tribes. Members of one tribe always tell the truth, and members of the other tribe always lie (mis speak!).

The flock comes to a fork in the road. The leader needs to know which road leads to the abbatoir so as to avoid the being chopped up into cutlets and lamb shanks. (Although the bellwether doesn’t know it, one road leads to the green green grass of home and the other road leads to the abbatoir.)

Standing at this fork in the road is a member of each tribe, but the bellwether can’t tell which tribe each belongs to. What question should he ask to find the road to the green green grass of home?

Hmm…doesn’t work does it.

The problem with the parable above is that, in Wales, there are at least 4  tribes and a representative from all will be standing with their placards and powerpoint presentations at the fork in the road with their er…advice. Who are the lying toads? Is there a truth teller amongst any of them? Also, of course, we all (even the sheeple) now know that all the green green grass has been bought by landbankers to build (un)affordable housing.

This is all reminiscent of Monty Python’s Bridge of Death.

So what are the Pros and Cons? African or European swallow? The Red or the Blue pill?

This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill—you remain in the EU, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill—you BREXIT, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

 Hat Tip – The Matrix


A hard BREXIT would deal a huge blow to the status quo and the anarchist in me thinks that shaking things up would lead to radical change. Do we care that internationalised conglomerates like the car industry, banking sector, pharmaceuticals etc etc piss off elsewhere? Wouldn’t we welcome the trauma to political parties and politicians who have ‘no skin in the game‘?

They say the best in people is brought out in adversity. Not sure about that. The worst is much much more likely.


The sheeple behind me (and me too) want a quiet life and the ability to graze in peace. This won’t happen. Time to stock up on toilet rolls, tomatoes, olive oil, avocados. Sardines?

Here is the question I should ask.

Tribe 1: If you were a member of Tribe 2 how would you advise me to vote in the people’s referendum?

Oh, I give up! Fuck the lot of them!

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